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Millennium fiber sachet

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“Many diseases begin from bowels.” The unclean bowels are seedbed for diseases. Long term constipation will lead to the accumulation of feces attached on bowel and cause  intestine, blood, blood vessels, cells and organ suffer from contamination. Millennium Fiber Sachet has been universally acknowledged as a natural colon cleansing drink.


May D Millennium has produced the 3rd generation of healthcare products with the complete cleansing formula. Drinking Millennium Fiber Sachet, including Millennium Phyto Enzymes Drink, Millennium Phyto Enzymes Drink (36 Vegetables) and Millennium Alfafa Chlorophyll, will be the beginning for healthcare ----cleansing your bowels and blood, make your skin fare and your figure slim.

The colon cleansing products:
1st generation:         Stimulation and diarrhea (laxative).
2nd generation:        Bowels cleansing and detoxifying (high fiber).
3rd generation:      Bowels and blood cleansing, make your skin fare and your figure slim (the complete cleansing formula for 21st century).

Consume Method

Dissolve 1 or 2 sachet in 500ml water, shake it until dissolve, finish the drink within short period.

“万病肠为首”长期便秘 或 每天排泻不完的粪便 粘贴在肠壁累积成宿便, 导致大小肠, 血液, 血管, 细胞及 各个器官严重中毒; 每天最完整的排毒法,就是通过第三波 整体净化肠, 血, 细胞 排毒。



第一波产品 :       刺激 , 腹泻 (泻剂)
第二波产品 :       清肠 , 排毒 (纤维素)
第三波产品 :          清肠, 清血, 净化细胞(21世纪 整体净化配方)




容量: 7gm x 30 包/盒

包装: 盒子

储存方式: 阴凉的地方

适用人群: 所有人

成份: 高纤果,苜蓿叶绿素,酵素


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